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Lucid Culture – Revisiting a Stunningly Orchestrated Piano Jazz Masterpiece

POSTED ON November 04, 2020 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Pianist Danny Green‘s 2018 album One Day It Will – streaming at Spotify  – is one of the most unselfconsciously gorgeous releases in recent memory. The obvious comparison is the classic 1966 Bill Evans Trio with Symphony Orchestra record, although Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage Suite and Matt Ulery’s recent work are also points of reference. Green really likes the high midrange: his soaring melodies have a rare glisten and gleam.

Jazz with a string section goes all the way back to Charlie Parker, but this is a landmark of the style. Here the pianist is joined by bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm from his long-running trio, plus a string quartet comprising San Diego Symphony violinists Kate Hatmaker and Igor Pandurski, violist Travis Maril and cellist Erica Erenyi. If breathtaking lushness is your thing, this is your holy grail. … Read More

San Diego Troubadour – LP And The Vinyl: Heard And Seen

POSTED ON July 01, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

Jazz lovers are in for a treat: the Danny Green Trio is established as a solid presence in the San Diego area jazz scene, with five CD releases and well-earned international recognition. Leonard Patton likewise has a considerable cachet as an expressive jazz, gospel, and blues singer, with several of his own solo recordings, and has been heard with such local jazz luminaries as Peter Sprague and Geoffrey Keezer. No surprise that when both Green’s band and Patton combine, the result is an embarrassment of riches.

Viola, LP and the Vinyl are here, on their debut record, Heard and Seen. This ten-track project mixes Green originals, jazz standards, and wonderfully arranged adaptations of pop songs by artists as varied as David Bowie, the Beatles, Tears for Fears, and others. Green’s piano, Justin Grinnell’s bass, and drummer Julien Cantelm provide a great launching pad for Patton in a set with inspired spontaneity, where Patton is clearly in his element.

LP and the Vinyl strike jazz gold with Heard and Seen. … Read More

Jazz Weekly – LP And The Vinyl: Heard And Seen

POSTED ON June 25, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

Pianist Danny Green has done creative things in trio settings, and this one with vocalist Leonard Patton takes the next journey forward. His team of bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm create ripples on a slowly undulating opus with Patton on “Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise” with Patton supplying wanderlust with the flowing trio during a David Bowie’s “Life On Mars”. Patton’s rich tenor makes for show tune moods with Green’s parlor piano on “The Lonely Band” as Green feeds him ivory red meet on the intro to his Broadwayish “Night Waltz”. The team is artsy on “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” and Grinnell leads the flow on a warm read of “The Fool On The Hill”. Art class is open! … Read More

Tracce di Jazz

POSTED ON May 18, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

(Translated from Italian) ​​​​​​​Extensive and recurrent is the diatribe between jazz lovers who can’t stand listening to the beloved idiom used for translations from pop and song, and those who prefer the new guise of the known classics, appreciating just enough improvisations and impromptu inventions, as long as the premise or continuation of the theme … Read More

All About Jazz – LP And The Vinyl: Heard And Seen

POSTED ON May 11, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

This group’s live shows are riveting. Patton gives off a mesmerizing vibe. When he starts singing, you can’t take your eyes off him, and that certainly comes through in this studio recording, straight out of the gate. And it remains so throughout this set of well-chosen covers and one more tune from Green, “Night Waltz,” which couldn’t be more different in mood from his energetic opener, playing out as a gorgeous ballad, a love song of the highest order, Patton’s vocal delivered with poignancy and tenderness, with a supple solo from Green slipped into the mix. … Read More

CD Hotlist – LP And The Vinyl – Heard And Seen

POSTED ON May 04, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

By Rick Anderson Rick’s Pick The band here operating under the name LP and the Vinyl is actually the Danny Green Trio (whose praises I’ve sung here in CD HotList on multiple occasions), with the addition of singer Leonard Patton. Their debut album as a quartet is anything but a typical vocal jazz outing; while there are some standards … Read More

The Sentinel – Heard And Seen By LP And The Vinyl

POSTED ON May 04, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

From tight arrangements to free-wheeling improvisations, this telepathic trio evolves into an equally intercommunicating quartet with Leonard Patton. If there is a group worthy of special attention and reintroduction in Jazz, it is LP and the Vinyl—Danny Green, Justin Grinnell, Julien Cantell, and Leonard Patton. Excuse me while I hit Play Again. … Read More

Midwest Record – LP And The Vinyl – Heard And Seen

POSTED ON April 20, 2020 | POSTED IN: Heard And Seen

By Chris Spector The Danny Green Trio adds a blues singer and takes on a new identity as they carouse through 100 years of pop music, including a few ringers of their own, on this set that rolls things around in their own seasoned flour to make it all modern and now, but in a … Read More

Bird Is The Worm – Album of the Day – “One Day It Will”

POSTED ON February 16, 2019 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

What I like about it: What’s not to like about a lovely piano trio with strings recording? I like how Danny Green situates the piano trio and strings as if two birds in flight, each spurring the other to greater heights, and so close to one another that the motion is a blur of wings. I like that there’s a depth to the harmonies, but their presence is light as a feather. I like that this holds true even when Green guides things into contemplative territory. I like listening to this recording on those lazy Sundays that call out for music that honors the sunlight spilling across the floor and the tranquility settling in over the room. … Read More

The Jazz Owl – One Day It Will

POSTED ON September 16, 2018 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

And just when I thought Danny Green’s Trio had outdone themselves with 2015’s Altered Narratives, they release One Day It Will, their third album on OA2 Records. One thing about Danny: he can weave a tale las deftly as the saga-singers of ancient Iceland, full of rhythm, intonation, passion, and creativity. Grinnell and Cantelm are just as adept. This trio becomes more like a trinity than a trio. The beauty and passion of the music between them is seamless. The bass and drums are as melodic as the piano. And then there are those strings… wonderful. All of the compositions are by Danny Green. He is a marvelous composer, a weaver of fantasies, and a splendid narrator of tales. I have never been disappointed by his composing or his performing. Let me say it simply, I cannot get enough of Danny Green’s music. One Day It Will is a wonderfully cohesive album of adventures and reflections, full of longing and love. Danny Green is the imaginative story-teller that seizes his audience’s attention and we are compelled to give our complete and rapt attention. … Read More

Danny Green Trio Plus Strings At Heckscher Park – All About Jazz

POSTED ON August 03, 2018 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

Over the course of ninety minutes, Green and company delivered a show that proved emotionally vibrant and rich in nuance. All the while the music highlighted Green’s skills with the pen and showcased the time-strengthened rapport he’s developed with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm over their eight years (and counting) as a working unit…Each and every number on the playlist managed to bring a change in character with its arrival while simultaneously marking the consistency of voice carried within the trio’s exchanges. Whether exploring a downcast tone in a motile zone on “Snowy Day In Boston,” viewing fall from another angle on “November Reveries,” balancing elegiac introductions with a cheerier waltzing core on the ballad-esque “Lemon Avenue, or descending into the nether world on “Katabasis,” that proved profoundly true. … Read More

DownBeat Magazine – Green’s Work Filters Through Latin, Classical Music

POSTED ON July 30, 2018 | POSTED IN: Interview, One Day It Will

Green’s longstanding trio with fellow San Diego residents Justin Grinnell (bass) and Julien Cantelm (drums) was founded in 2010. One Day It Will (OA2), Green’s fifth album as a leader, was released in late April and features his troupe supported by a batch of strings. The pianist recently spoke to DownBeat about his connection to classical and Latin music, and how that’s influenced his work in the jazz world. … Read More

Long-Islander News – Danny Green Trio To Play Huntington Arts Festival

POSTED ON July 26, 2018 | POSTED IN: Interview

The annual Huntington Summer Arts Festival may be winding down, but there is still time to catch the music and performances at the Chapin Rainbow Stage in Heckscher Park…The performers include local, nationally and internationally recognized musical talents and virtuosos. Acclaimed pianist and composer Danny Green certainly fits the bill. … Read More

Jazz Weekly – Danny Green Trio Plus Strings @ The Blue Whale

POSTED ON June 28, 2018 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews, One Day It Will

Delivering the music from his latest album One Day It Will, pianist Danny Green showed that melding strings together with post-bop jazz can be more than simply adding wallpaper to an already finished room.  Augmenting his long time team of Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr with a trio violin (Luis Mascaro), viola (Jennifer Wu) and cello (Simon Huber), Green enticed the audience with original melodies that had the two trios working in a richly symbiotic fashion through the hourlong first set… … Read More

CD HotList – Pick Of The Month

POSTED ON June 26, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

I’ve become a passionate fan of pianist and composer Danny Green, whose trio albums have been among my favorite jazz releases of the last five years or so. On his latest, he combines his trio with a string quartet to brilliant effect…The piano trio and the string quartet are integrated beautifully–this doesn’t sound like a jazz combo with strings added on, but like what it is: an organically-conceived chamber septet for which Green has written utterly beautiful pieces that sometimes swing, sometimes float, and always shimmer with multicolored light. I can’t overemphasize what a fine album this is. A must for all library collections. … Read More

Ringer of the Week – Jazz Weekly

POSTED ON June 22, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Pianists seem to always dream about doing a trio album with strings. Well, Danny Green makes a dream come true, as he wisely avoids the use of the string quartet for “support,” but makes the team of Kate Hatmaker/v, Igor  Pandurski/v, Travis Maril/vi and Erica Erenyi/cel an intrinsic part of the collaboration. Green’s got a gorgeously swinging and melodic touch, and uses his trio of Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm with another clever decision of taking his own compositions to deliver the goods. … Read More

El Debate Del Hoy

POSTED ON June 22, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Examined with the perspective that the years allow, the musical career of Danny Green offers the listener a logical and progressive evolution in which each album makes sense with respect to the previous ones. With You in Mind (2009), by the California pianist and composer, Danny Green, establishes the basis of a style in which the mix of  jazz, classical music, and Brazilian and Cuban influences have been the main influences of his work so far…There is less of the Brazilian and Cuban influence than in the previous album, but more classical turns (especially in Lemon Avenue, October Ballad, and Snowy Day in Boston). Also there is more of that ease of expression that characterizes the music of Green, that makes it so listenable and guarantees a joyful musical experience, suitable for all audiences. And as an exception that confirms the rule, the album breaks with this progression of themes contained right at the end. There is the pleasant surprise of “Down and Out,” a bluesy theme with a lot of flow and rhythmic hook.  With this, the Danny Green Trio Plus Strings opens our expectations for new works evolving from this original set. … Read More

Danny Green At The Lily Pad – All About Jazz

POSTED ON June 16, 2018 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews, One Day It Will

Acclaimed San Diego pianist and composer Danny Green and his trio, Justin Grinnell and Julien Cantelm performed a set supporting their CD release One Day It Will (2018), at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, Ma. Sat June 16th. The audience was immediately drawn into the soft and subtle vibe of Green’s piano work against the channeled accompaniment by Justin Grinnell on Bass and Julien Cantelm on drums. They were all very much in tune with each other’s instincts and soloing moments flowed effortlessly, at will, from Green’s exchange with Grinnell and Cantelm… … Read More

Danny Green Trio Performance Makes For A Special Day – Jazz Buffalo

POSTED ON June 15, 2018 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews, One Day It Will

The Danny Green Trio arrived in Buffalo last night, Thursday, June 14, to give one of the outstanding performances you will ever hear in terms of chamber-jazz.  The lyrical and melodic original compositions performed were nothing short of a tour-de-force.  Danny Green is one of the most innovative pianists emerging on the national jazz scene today.  Along with the outstanding Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, the audience at Pausa Art House was treated to world-class jazz par excellence… … Read More

Let The Show Begin

POSTED ON June 04, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

The intuitive conviction among composers that classical music and jazz have more in common than rock ‘n’ roll and jazz just won’t go away.

Clearly stating these artistic objectives right up front, San Diego pianist/composer Danny Green stirs a very big and somewhat classically structured pot in his first full album dedicated to recording his trio with strings…Plan on listening attentively to “One Day It Will” many times over. Because the differences can be subtle, every listening will reveal new musical moments with additional nuance. … Read More

Bebop Spoken Here

POSTED ON June 04, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

San Diego based pianist/composer Danny Green, with his fifth album, leads his Trio and a String Quartet from the San Diego Symphony Orchestra through an attractive programme of original chamber jazz. At times, the strings provide background figures and harmonies much as a conventional sax section might do in a jazz orchestra and, at others, interject their own strong segments further developing the compositions…Overall, a thoughtful CD, the result of much hard work from many, where “the intriguing possibilities of integrating classical harmony and form into the jazz context” have been successful. … Read More

Jazz da Gama

POSTED ON June 01, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

When Danny Green plays the piano you forget that the instrument has hammers. He has that kind of delicate, almost silken touch. And he has power too, which is how he is able to convey mighty flapping of wings in requisite passages during a particularly fiery crescendo in “As The Parrot Flies”, for example. And even here one gets a sense of the breathtaking silence of flight, even as the bird is fighting against the wind. It’s quite exquisite, but just one instance of the interminable gliding motions of slurs that seems to inform Mr Green’s pianism….Even in the trickiest parts there is a flow from both trio and quartet no less pliant in their multiple voicings and exchanging of pseudo-contrapuntal thrust. The result is invariably an exultant sense of wonder that spills over into all of this music. It makes the album one to die for. … Read More

The Jazz Page

POSTED ON May 31, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

On One Day It Will , pianist, composer and leader Danny Green joins his trio of bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm with a string section for a stunningly beautiful recording. Green’s touch on the keys is fantastic, and the songs, all original works, are melodically and emotionally engaging. The musicianship from all the players on the effort is outstanding. The string quartet features San Diego Symphony violinists Kate Hatmaker and Igor Pandurski, violist Travis Maril, and cellist Erica Erenyi. This is a wonderfully conceived and executed production with a truly pleasing blend of sounds. … Read More

New York City Jazz Record

POSTED ON May 26, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

The album begins strongly with the super-melodic “Time Lapse To Fall”. Right away the strings prove to be on equal footing with the trio, sharing the harmonic soundstage with rich results. “As The Parrot Flies” balances pizzicato strings in support of Green’s effusive work at the keyboard. This combination works best when there is a strong current of dissonance and healthy rhythmic counter-narrative—something the quietly inventive Cantelm illustrates well…There is a deep and pensive beauty throughout much of this record, alongside an attractive tunefulness that seems to express the optimistic side of melodic development…Green’s trio continues to evolve and develop its own voice—as a unit and in combination with strings. … Read More


POSTED ON May 16, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Green is a melodist, one of those folks who creates tunes that are at once completely new and yet deeply and intimately familiar. Musicians like that astound me. It’s as if someone took a rock and some leaves and and pond water mixed them together and came up with coq au vin…Like Bernstein and Sondheim before him, Green is working to codify formally the best in the popular melodic traditions using equal parts of two tremendous genres. … Read More

San Diego Union Tribune

POSTED ON May 03, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Danny Green is having a banner year. In March, the resourceful pianist took home Best Jazz Artist honors at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. His trio’s current tour includes a Friday evening concert in Balboa Park to celebrate the release of their audacious new chamber-jazz album, “One Day It Will.” Ten compositions strong, it teams Green, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm with a string quartet that features San Diego Symphony violinists Kate Hatmaker and Igor Pandurski. … Read More

San Diego Troubadour

POSTED ON May 01, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

With their new CD, One Day It Will, the Danny Green Trio give us a musical tour de force with ten compositions that combine Green’s stellar jazz trio with a quartet of some of the top local string performers. The music is, at times, engaging, thrilling, and sublime…As I said before, folks have been putting together classical and jazz for generations, but the efforts here of Green, the trio, and the quartet are unique and exciting. I’ve really not heard anything quite like this and all involved deserve a great deal of credit for creating something groundbreaking. Tell your friends about this recording, request it on your local radio station, write your Congressional representative! Anything. Get the word out. The world needs to hear this music. … Read More

Willamette Week – Unstrung Jazz

POSTED ON April 26, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

San Diego pianist Danny Green’s musical journey started with childhood exposure to Nirvana, then Buena Vista Social Club, which led him to Cuban son, then salsa, then a fling with Brazilian music, before studying jazz and classical piano in college. Is it any wonder his original compositions seem to embrace so many elements? Yet his albums with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm still sound cohesive, with concise melodies, restraint on pedaling that lends extra clarity, upbeat tempos and catchy hooks… … Read More

San Diego CityBeat – Danny Green Trio Expands Jazz Sound With Strings

POSTED ON April 24, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Local pianist Danny Green wasn’t thinking small when he made One Day It Will, which builds on the sounds of his ensemble’s post-bop and Brazilian jazz influences and adds a widescreen application of full string arrangements. It amounts to something that’s not quite traditional jazz, but still maintains that classic character even while expanding into something bigger and more ornate…What’s interesting about One Day It Will is that while the arrangements are more elaborate and intricate than they would have been if this were simply left to the Danny Green Trio, they remain subtle, almost subliminal. Much of the credit certainly goes to Green as a composer, who doesn’t just know how to create a compelling piece of music, but understands how best to use each instrument. It’s an album of large-ensemble jazz that ends up feeling surprisingly intimate, which isn’t always an easy thing to pull off.  … Read More

Arts Journal

POSTED ON April 12, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

Pianist Green’s earlier album Altered Narratives put strings with his trio on three tracks. The melding with a string quartet worked nicely. One Day It Will carries the idea to album length, with excellent arrangements by Green and smooth interaction among a string quartet and the trio featuring bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm. Among many highlights: the evocative languor of Green’s “October Ballad,” Cantelm’s accents amounting to commentary behind Green’s dancing solo on “As The Parrot Flies,” Grinell’s solo on the waltz “Lemon Avenue,” the richness of Kate Hatmaker’s violin on “As The Parrot Flies.” Sound quality is superb. … Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON April 07, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

With Altered Narratives Green introduced a string quartet on three tunes to flesh out his compositional ideas. Those three tunes were the appetizer. With One Day It Will he serves up the full banquet. It is a sumptuous one, brimming with unabashed grace, elegance and forthright beauty that leans heavily on the pianist’s classical training….Danny Green and his trio have moved themselves into highest level of musical expression, a place where it now seems, with the release of One Day It Will, that the sky may be limit for them.
Read More

The San Diego Troubadour – Catching Up With Danny Green

POSTED ON April 01, 2018 | POSTED IN: One Day It Will

This year is turning into a big year for Danny Green. Last month the jazz pianist and educator received the Best Jazz award at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. And the Danny Green Trio has just released their latest CD, One Day It Will. One thing for certain is that the Danny Green Trio is sounding more solid than ever. The trio, which includes Justin Grinell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, has performed together for years, which is one of the reasons this unit sounds so good. … Read More

NBC San Diego – Strings Attached

POSTED ON August 06, 2016 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

San Diego piano virtuoso Danny Green was the featured performer on Aug. 3 at Jazz Live, the KSDS Jazz 88.3 flagship program at the Saville Theatre. Green led a special ensemble that comprised his working trio (Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums) and a string quartet that featured Anicka Skalova and Yumi Cho on violins, Travis Maril on viola and Erica Erenyi on cello…Sonically, this was one of Jazz Live’s most alluring moments. Green’s acuity for string writing and the seamless integration of the quartet and the improvising trio were nothing short of sterling, much as I suspected when the concert was initially announced some months ago. I don’t think anyone left disappointed. … Read More

DownBeat Magazine – Danny Green, Josh Nelson Revel in Relaxed Grooves in L.A.

POSTED ON July 19, 2016 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

Green, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm gave a very fine accounting of the working trio format. They’re up from San Diego to promote Green’s current Altered Narratives album (OA2). Three cuts on the CD are augmented by a string quartet, and it doesn’t take much to imagine Green’s compositions fleshed out by larger ensembles. His pieces often flow, and there can be a natural, unforced quality to Green’s writing…A fractured solo piano introduction grew the listener’s ear for a minute before the contours of the imperishable “All The Things You Are” emerged. Better pianists than Green have tried to disguise that tiger’s stripes and haven’t been able to do it. Taken as a rolling shuffle, Grinnell proved he could tell a complete story in one chorus, this time on the double bass. … Read More

DownBeat Magazine

POSTED ON July 09, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Emerging San Diego pianist Danny Green shows off his composing and improvising skills in this low-key but well-conceived collection of originals by the leader. The trio, with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm, displays admirable cohesion…The graceful, aquatic movements of the compositions exemplify the pianist’s masterful arranginging. It would be a pleasure to hear Green write for bigger formats, and one can only expect continued growth. … Read More

NBC San Diego

POSTED ON June 15, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Danny Green is a virtuoso San Diego pianist who has been making strong records for several years now, (his debut album “With You In Mind” hit the shelves in 2009) but in all the years he’s been around, his latest effort “Altered Narratives” represents a breakthrough achievement on several levels…From the opening strains of “Chatter From All Sides,” a slinky blues with soulful tinkling, everything seems transformed. Green manages to activate motion without being fulsome, and Grinnell’s solo also benefits from the relaxed pace which allows one to concentrate on the fine details of his gorgeous tone…Serious fun indeed, from young Green and company. … Read More

This Is Jazz Today

POSTED ON June 09, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Unapologetically cheerful and light, this trio set from pianist Danny Green, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm offers up a pop music style of jazz that beams a wide smile that means it. Intriguingly, planted smack dab in the center of the recording are three pieces that bring in a string quartet. The shift in sound is very much plumb with what preceded it, but the emotional impact provided is one that balances nicely with the lighthearted warmth of the trio tunes that surround them. It’s the kind of thing that makes a recording a little less ordinary, as well as a motivation to keep giving the album a spin. … Read More

Jazz Weekly

POSTED ON June 09, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Green shows his composing and arranging skills match his tactile talents with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr as his pieces such as “Serious Fun” and “October Ballad” show a range from Crescent City stomps to late night candelabra. Cantelm and Grinnell form an attractive restlessness underneath the lyrical ivories on “The Merge” and the nifty “I Used To Hate The Blues.” Most intriguing is Green’s adroit addition of a string quartet for a trio of tunes. “Second Chance” has the piano and strings yearn and sigh, while Anja Wood’s cello delivers longing long tones on “Katabasis.” Rich harmonies highlight “Porcupine Dreams” creating a swirl of delight, while everyone drops out for Green to show his wares on the lyrical “Benji’s Song.” Highly rewarding and thoughtful-he’s coming to LA at the end of the month at the Blue Whale; check it out! … Read More

Jazz da Gama

POSTED ON June 05, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

In Altered Narratives Danny Green and his trio have handed us an amazing and deeply moving performance. No nonsense. No funny rhythms, no smart-alecky melodic inventions. Just old fashioned music as beautiful as beautiful music can be. All eleven pieces have been composed by the Green, a pianist with an extraordinary touch, and are immediately attractive compositions. Each us easy in the ear, played with highly euphonious style and virtuosity and not too long. All are kicked off by Green who treats us to pianism that is almost symphonic in nature. He makes full use of the keyboard with arpeggios that spin giddily and rums that defy gravity. Each of his fingers together or separately makes the keys and notes sing. You often wish pianists may treat you to something like this, but it takes someone as special as Danny Green to make it happen. … Read More

Jazz Scan

POSTED ON June 01, 2016 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

As with his prior releases, he utilizes a trio — bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm — as the primary format, supplementing with a string quartet on three of the 11 tracks: Antoine Silverman and Max Moston, violins; Chris Cardona, viola; and Anja Wood, cello. Green composed and arranged all of the charts. These artists are clever; they know how to swing, and they work together impressively. (No fluffs or errors allowed!) Spending an evening with them would be a joy. … Read More

The Jazz Owl

POSTED ON May 15, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Danny Green Trio’s Altered Narratives is one of the most intriguing, evocative, intelligent, creative, and haunting albums I have ever heard. Ever. The compositions are so gripping, the artistry is so overwhelming, and the effect so staggering that it firmly places this trio in the must-hear category. This is one of those very few albums that will keep a permanent spot on my CD shelf. If the album alters anything, it is the narrative of what is possible in a Jazz trio. … Read More

Pop Matters

POSTED ON May 03, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

When jazz enthusiasts think of pianist Danny Green, it’s hard not to first skitter on by the brilliance of his trio’s 2014 effort After the Calm…What the trio manages to do in Altered Narratives that it couldn’t do in After the Calm, however, is prove that lightning can in fact strike twice…Once again joined by bassist Justin Grinnell and percussionist Julien Cantelm, Green and his troupe once again muster what sounds like a classic collection of piano jazz standards in their performances of Green’s own creations. Green himself showcases even more instrumental might behind his fingers, playing with an amalgamated love for intrigue, amusement, and reverie without missing a step between the two brilliant musicians that have joined him once more to bring that much more life to his proceedings than could have been achieved purely on his own. Altered Narratives is a great jazz record, on the overall, and it is exciting just thinking of where the trio may take us next. … Read More

San Diego Troubadour

POSTED ON May 01, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Danny Green has established himself as one of the best jazz pianists and composers in Southern California. His second CD with his trio, Altered Narratives, displays the individual talents of Green, bassist Justin Grinnell, and drummer Julien Cantelm as well as what this unit has evolved into since the band’s inception five years ago…With Altered Narratives Green wants less to play around and is trying to communicate on a deeper level with his listeners. The disk thus winds up being a more inviting musical experience. I enjoyed After the Calm immensely; the playfulness of the trio was delightful. But I wound up being more moved at the greater sense of depth that comes across with Altered Narratives…There are 58 minutes and 47 seconds of music on this disk, just one minute and 13 seconds shy of a full hour! As usual, I give out bonus points for CDs that contain as much music as they can. Eight and a half bonus points for Altered Narratives! … Read More

UK Vibe

POSTED ON April 11, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

What is quite striking about “Altered Narratives” is the freedom with which the musicians appear to approach things; this being largely a jazz trio album – and one of the finest I have heard this year…Despite the pianist’s wide-ranging influences (or indeed, because of, I should actually say), this is very much a jazz album in the clearest of contexts; great writing, great musicianship, great vibe. Sounds simple, but it rarely is. The moods and grooves created are stimulating to the ear, with the pianist’s melodies and lyrical approach to music making ringing out in joyous fashion. There’s a wonderful feel to the whole session, and although jazz is at the core of it all, there are plenty of musical flavours that enrich the recording; blues, Latin, swing, classical and contemporary folk being just some that I would highlight. The tunes themselves are like short stories, with each and every tale branching off, sometimes sincere and in ernest, sometimes playful and adventurous, yet always with a consummate skill and passion. … Read More

Jazz Mostly

POSTED ON April 05, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Although all the music heard here is composed by pianist Danny Green, everything is redolent of the rich history of jazz piano. Danny’s musical career has ranged widely, including grunge rock, ska, Cuban son and especially the music of Brazil.

He has brought all of these elements into jazz with seemingly effortless ease, in the process substantially broadening his audience appeal. Danny leads his trio (Justin Grinnell, bass, Julien Cantelm, drums) on a musical journey that draws upon the blues (Chatter From All Sides, I Used To Hate The Blues), as well as classical form (Second Chance, Katabasis, Porcupine Dreams), with other elements from Danny’s eclectic musical background. On those last three named tunes the trio is joined by a string quartet, Antoine Silverman, Max Moston, violins, Chris Cardona, viola, Anja Wood, cello). This very attractive album will appeal to all lovers of jazz piano. … Read More


POSTED ON April 04, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

If the opening of the Danny Green Trio’s new album nods to Bill Evans and reflects the way that tradition carries a strong role in pianist Green’s compositions and playing, the title Altered Narratives suggests that there’s more going on here than just a new entry in the trad jazz storyline. … Read More

CD Hotlist

POSTED ON April 04, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

On his fourth release as a leader, pianist Danny Green does something highly unusual and impressive: he gives us an album that consists entirely of what is, in every discernible way, straight-ahead piano-trio jazz, with no wild harmonic or structural experimentation, but which nevertheless sounds entirely personal and original…The field of piano trio recordings is a densely crowded one, and standing out in it is tremendously difficult. Danny Green sounds like he’s doing so almost without effort. … Read More


POSTED ON March 30, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

His eloquent eclecticism — a gift that includes writing anything from celebratory blues to meditative reflections to composing for a string quartet — illuminates his sparkling new trio release, Altered Narratives…The combination of Green’s keyboard craft, bassist Justin Grinnell’s booming tones and drummer Julien Cantelm’s continuously sizzling commentary make this band of three far more than the sum of its parts. The collaboration soars to its brightest heights on Green’s “I Used to Hate the Blues,” a blues-drenched, vibrant studio piece. Its crackling, interactive energies might well make you anticipate an even higher sizzle rate in a live performance stoked by playing in a warm, empathetic venue like The Buttonwood. … Read More

JAZZed – What’s On Your Playlist

POSTED ON March 29, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Danny Green write about ten of his favorite albums in the March issue of JAZZed. Preview by Christian Wissmuller. … Read More

Gold Mine Magazine

POSTED ON March 29, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

The Danny Green Trio provides “Altered Narratives” (OA2 Records) on their fourth CD. It’s a panoply of influences from blues, swing and European classical to Northeastern Brazil’s folkloric baiao music…Still, the obvious highlights here are the three tracks with a string quartet augmenting the trio. Here’s where Green has stretched into compositional sophistication as he wrote the parts for the heavenly strings. The three tracks in question–“Second Chance,” “Katabasis” and “Porcupine Dreams” are what sets this particular trio outing apart from all others. … Read More

New Orleans Notes

POSTED ON March 25, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Green is a wonderfully lyrical pianist and composer–all the music here is his originals–and, unlike much of today’s original jazz, this music is melodic and eminently listenable while managing to swing. It reveals him as a musician of varied tastes/​influences, from the blues (“Chatter from All Sides”) to Brazilian (“6 A.M.”) to the classical (I was particularly taken by the slightly unsettling darkness of “Katabasis”)–not to mention his major gift for balladry (“October Ballad” being the most striking, in my opinion).

All in all, I was truly taken by this CD. It came as something new to me, but it does not seem to be the thirty-something pianist’s first. I recommend it without qualification. … Read More

Bebop Spoken Here

POSTED ON March 25, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

In a bygone age, the Danny Green Trio would be rated alongside Oscar Peterson and all the others downwards. With Oscar long gone, it’s trios, such as this. that keep the flag flying for piano jazz. I’d love to have heard him on Marian McPartland’s legendary radio show.

The three tracks with the string quartet are as fine an example get of ‘Chamber Jazz’ as you are likely to find on a long night’s listening. They’re quite beautiful and not at all schmaltzy.
Green, who resides in San Diego, believes that music should tell a story and the titles give the listener much inspiration to bring their own take on those stories although mine disagreed with Danny’s! But that’s the beauty of music – the picture it creates. … Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON March 13, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

The old adage, that you know you’re a jazz musician when you realize that there are actually two 9 o’clocks in a day, has been replaced with the revelation that jazz is a musical omnivore. It can consume every style of music from classical to pop as sustenance for a performance. Pianist Danny Green’s proves that argument with his trio recording Altered States. … Read More

Midwest Record

POSTED ON March 12, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

Everything here seems appropriate. Recorded for Origin’s ‘after hours’ label with production vet Matt Pierson at the helm, this jazz piano trio date seems like the perfect after hours set. Recorded with that after hours, there’s no one in the studio but us, vibe this is the perfect classic feeling date that simply has to dust on it. A killer listening set, it’s a real joy and time well spent. Killer stuff throughout everyone on board can be proud of. … Read More

Love London Love Culture

POSTED ON March 05, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

On this fourth album from Danny Green, the music is lighthearted and playful throughout adding a glimmer of sunshine to the listener’s life. This album is not simply a celebration of jazz music but also music of the classical genre, which delicately flows through all of the songs on the record…Altered Narratives proves that combining elements of jazz with classical music can work extremely well, showing that both genres can have more in common than perhaps many people would presume. Overall, it is a beautifully constructed album with plenty of emotion to really engage listeners from beginning to end. … Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON March 02, 2016 | POSTED IN: Altered Narratives

With Altered Narratives, Green and company—bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm—show that they can go two-for-two in producing first-rate piano trio jazz, again on a set of tunes penned by pianist Green…Then there’s the leap that sets this apart from Green’s previous recording: three tunes, in the middle of the eleven tune set, featuring the addition of a string quartet. There’s nothing that adds a touch of elegance to a jazz set more than an adeptly-done string arrangement, and these are superb: violins, viola and cello in a sinuous, sometimes whispering embrace with a vibrant, top-notch piano trio, delving into Danny Green’s distinguished compositions. … Read More

KSDS Jazz 88.3 Blog

POSTED ON February 12, 2016 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

For his recent concert at UCSD’s Loft, pianist Danny Green augmented his usual trio-mates, bassist Justin Grinnnell and drummer Julian Cantelm, with three other stellar San Diego musicians – reedman Tripp Sprague, percussionist Mark Lamson and vocalist Leonard Patton. Danny Green is a gifted keyboardist and an equally gifted composer. His recent recordings include most, if not all, of his own compositions, and several of those works made it to the set list at the Loft, along with offerings from Michael Jackson, Djavan and Stevie Wonder.

The trio is tight. Several years of working together have let the band gel into a really intuitive group. Being attuned to your fellow musicians makes for a certain relaxed easiness that does not in any way preclude some serious grooving. … Read More


POSTED ON April 09, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

(Originally written in Dutch) After The Calm is the third album by pianist Danny Green. His first two releases were recorded with a combo. This album is a trio with Justin Grinell on electric bass and double bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, musicians Green also accompanied on the other recordings. Danny Green Trio is typical of contemporary piano trio jazz. Smooth compositions, strong grooves, touch of Latin, changing rhythms, played tight and lively. On After The Calm we hear ten original compositions written by Green, most of them in tempo. Strikingly, Green’s strong left hand bass lines with pointed and massive chords light omspeeld are sparkling playing right. He thus creates a broad sound and an ambience that feels orchestral. Grinnell and Cantelm on bass and drums have a beautiful light play. ‘Less is More’ the adage seems to them and grabs attractive. It is clearly audible that these three all together menspelen longer together. After The Calm is an appealing album, a fine example of contemporary jazz piano. … Read More

San Diego Troubadour

POSTED ON April 02, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

The Danny Green Trio has released their first CD, After the Calm, and it is one of the most engaging jazz recordings, or any type of recording for that matter, that I’ve heard in recent years. From the first time I put this CD in the disk player, I was absolutely drawn in by this dynamic and fresh music by these three talented musicians. The trio is Danny Green on piano – he also composed all ten of the tunes on the disk – Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums. From the ease and confidence of their interplay, it is obvious that these three young men have performed together for some time…

This new disk gets my vote as one of the best local jazz recording to come out in this last year. A great big two thumbs up for After the Calm. … Read More


POSTED ON March 29, 2015 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

Green and his trio mates, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm, followed that success with their latest recording After the Calm (OA2). The set of 10 Green compositions covers a spectrum of moods and styles, including the lively, stride-influenced “Two Ways About It” and the spirited Brazilian-rhythmic foray “Choro Pra Corrente.” The opening cut and our selection, “End of the Block,” is equally extroverted. Green and his cohorts take a brisk walk through the neighborhood and seem to be enjoying the scenery. … Read More

San Diego City Beat

POSTED ON March 26, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

Danny Green is a skilled pianist, and his trio is rounded out by bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm. But they really ought to pick a true band name, because these three guys fit together seamlessly. They play jazz, and while it’s far from avant-garde, it is complex, sharply composed and full of surprises. But together, Green, Grinnell and Cantelm make it sound easy. Listening to After the Calm is like listening to all the parts of a clock working in perfect harmony. Part bop, part pop, it’s always on time. … Read More

Jazz Weekly

POSTED ON February 16, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

Pianist Danny Green leads a lyrical and melodic trio with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr through some well conceived originals on this latest session. He’s got a strong left hand, and uses it as a counter melody or a power forward in rhythm on pieces like the bopping “Two Ways About It” and “I Got Kite.” His lyricism on “Another One For You” and “End of the Block” has a joyful touch, and he passes out the responsibilities well, with Grinnell’s bass providing some impressive teamwork on the complex “March of the Gouls” and Cantelm driving the band like a Wagon Train on “Thirty Springrolls Please.” They make the complex seem easy and swingable and don’t get bogged down when the streets intersect. Impressive trio here. Get them to LA! … Read More

Union Tribune San Diego

POSTED ON February 02, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

San Diego jazz pianist Danny Green has been collaborating with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm for nearly five years, and it shows. Witness the trio’s fine new OA2 Records album “After the Calm,” easily Green’s most assured work to date. Ten songs strong, it places an equal emphasis on composition, performance and the increasingly evolved musical interaction and calibration these three instrumentalists have developed… … Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON February 02, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

San Diego-based pianist/composer and educator Danny Green polishes off his third album as leader with the exceptional After the Calm offering ten outstanding original compositions of the mainstream contemporary nature blending a bit of the aggressive groove with a good portion of intimate jazz ballads and just a touch of Brazil for good measure and variety. A terrific piano man on the keys for sure, it’s probably his talents on the compositional side that makes this artist stand out for the music he produces is as engaging and intriguing as if penned by a veteran icon of jazz… … Read More

NBC San Diego – Top SD Jazz Recordings of 2014

POSTED ON January 14, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

When it comes to straight-up, balls-out virtuosity, the Green Trio is hard to beat. This album is a must for folks who dig supertight interplay. Bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm are a monster rhythm section. … Read More


POSTED ON January 09, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

Raves for San Diego pianist/composer (equally talented) and his working-as-one trio; justin grinnell, two basses & julien cantelm@drums. green plays thunderous, lyrical, intricate but never sweeps away the ensemble-ness of the jazz trio: stylistic high fives to chick, bill, even, ethan iverson. recommending each & every cue, though these guys do wonders with speed and action. … Read More

CD Hotlist

POSTED ON January 05, 2015 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

Having raved about Danny Green’s last album a couple of years ago, I’m now back to rave about his new one. As before, Green leads a trio that (in terms of tightness and communication) seems to share a single brain, though one with multiple creative lobes. Bassist Justin Grinnell is especially impressive here, delivering multiple solos that are worth listening to — and as a bassist myself, I can tell you that that’s not faint praise. Green’s original compositions continue to impress and his arrangements continue to be amazing both for their complexity and their musicality. Highly recommended to all jazz collections. … Read More


POSTED ON December 16, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

San Diego jazz pianist Green sails through 10 lyrical originals with polish and elegance. He’s backed here by bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm. Fortunately for us, Green’s priorities start with ensuring that his chord voicings and lines always sound seductive rather than manic. A highly impressive album that will knock you out. … Read More

San Diego Troubadour

POSTED ON December 09, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

10 jazz originals from pianist Danny Green accompanied by his compatriots, bassist Justin Grinell and drummer Julien Cantelm. This is no mere frontman with backing situation here, the three work as one, driving the songs, moving together as they enhance the composition. Ever see a flock of birds fly and swirl through the air in unison? Like that…Unconditionally recommended to anyone who appreciates good jazz, instrumental music or soundtracks. … Read More

NBC San Diego

POSTED ON December 03, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

San Diego piano virtuoso Danny Green is one of the area’s most technically accomplished musicians, and his trio — with electric/acoustic bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm — represents one of the tightest groups in local jazz history. Green’s latest album, “After the Calm,” was captured in high fidelity at SpragueLand Studios in Encinitas, and the music it contains is noteworthy for uptempo Latin grooves with a definite nod to the legendary piano master Chick Corea, to whom Green owes an obvious debt. … Read More


POSTED ON November 30, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

Green’s compositions are all originals. Odd meter, shifting dynamics and straight ahead bliss showcase an artist that seems to relish his own discoveries as do the trio. As previously mentioned there are probably as many piano trios as there are Starbucks but very few this good. There are originals that will touch your heart and some that will set your hair on fire…Some will do both and very few artists have that touch.
Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON November 28, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

After the Calm, Green’s debut on OA2 Records doesn’t have that problem. It is a straight through trio outing that showcases the pianist’s particular skills in playing and songwriting on an all original set…Danny Green: a writer of gorgeous and engaging tunes, and a first rate pianist leading a distinctively interactive trio on the superb After the Calm. … Read More

Midwest Record

POSTED ON November 18, 2014 | POSTED IN: After The Calm

This is classic piano jazz trio work that falls so squarely in the pocket you’re almost tempted to think this was a lost session from back in the day. With a set of all originals, the trio is right in step with each other turning in a set that’s a tonic for weary ears. On the money throughout, if you don’t like this, you just don’t like piano trios. Nuff said. … Read More

NBC San Diego

POSTED ON June 10, 2014 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

The Danny Green Trio opened the show with intricate and highly arranged original music, and, if you like Chick Corea, Mr. Green’s aesthetic is sure to please. Melodic cascades are a Green trademark, and on the opening tune, “6:00 A.M,” the precise interplay between Justin Grinnell’s percolating electric bass lines and Julien Cantelm’s soft percussion dovetailed tightly with the leader’s melodically driven improvisations. “Two Ways About It” leaned heavily on Cantelm’s always-tasteful forward motion and a harmonic structure that reminded me of Bobby Hebb’s classic, “Sunny.” … Read More

Lucid Culture

POSTED ON March 04, 2013 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Pianist Danny Green’s compositions approach Brazilian and latin jazz with the the same kind of attractive but sometimes apprehensive tunefulness that groups like Brian & the Aardvarks, Jeremy Udden’s Plainville and Bill Frisell’s ensembles bring to the Americana side of the equation. A Thousand Ways Home, Green’s second album as a bandleader, captures him in … Read More

Danny Green plays Chick Corea @ the new Dizzy’s

POSTED ON February 17, 2013 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

Local piano wizard Danny Green dropped into the new Dizzy’s on Feb. 15, with a well-oiled group comprised of woodwind master Tripp Sprague, bassist Justin Grinnelland drummer Julen Cantelm for an evening devoted to the music of Chick Corea. Corea’s music is notoriously difficult, filled with intricate melodies and stop/start rhythmic unisons. Green’s style, which is both lithe and athletic– is perfectly matched to the material. … Read More

All Strings Considered – Podcast

POSTED ON February 15, 2013 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home, Interview

Endeavoring to bring you something new and outside of the usual guitar spectrum, please allow me to introduce you to Latin jazz pianist Danny Green. We spent some time discussing his latest album, A Thousand Ways Home, a collection of tunes that shows Danny’s special synthesis of jazz, classical, and various Latin styles of piano playing. … Read More

The Northern Echo (UK)

POSTED ON January 31, 2013 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

This is the second CD by the impressive San Diego-based pianist and composer. With crisp accompaniment throughout by Justin Grinnell and Julian Carter there are telling guest appearances by saxophonist Tripp Sprague, mandolinist Eva Scow and others on a lively, well recorded selection of Green’s own compositions. … Read More

Jazz Weekly

POSTED ON January 03, 2013 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Pianist Danny Green leads a trio with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr that explores the sounds, rhythms and grooves of Brazilian music. He’s got a confident yet not cocky sound of his own; on most of the pieces saxist Tripp Sprague joins in, most effectively on the dramatically thoughtful “Tranquil Days” and the fanciful “Nighttime Disturbances.” … Read More

All About Jazz

POSTED ON November 21, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Danny Green delivers his second album as leader with A Thousand Ways Home mirroring the same design he employed for his impressive debut With You In Mind (Alante, 2008). With a strong affinity for Brazilian, classical and jazz music, the San Diego pianist touched upon each of the genres in his first recording and continues his love affair here by incorporating elements from all and, as he states, “blending them together in my own way.” A gifted composer, as well as a dynamic pianist with a flair, it certainly seems that “his way” works quite well, documented by each and every one of his thirteen creative compositions. … Read More

San Diego Reader

POSTED ON November 18, 2012 | POSTED IN: Live Reviews

Green’s trio has been an active unit for more than five years, and their tight interplay on the pianist’s intricate original material is quite impressive. Opening with “End Of The Block,” a complex chart filled with rhythm unisons and winding ostinati, Grinnell dug into his 5-string electric bass for some appropriate fusion fireworks. … Read More


POSTED ON November 03, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny Green, you’re in for a huge treat. On A Thousand Ways Home (Tapestry), the pianist composed and arranged all of the album’s tracks, and the results are sensational. For example, on the bossa Unwind, his piano’s notes are mirrored by Eva Scow on mandolin. On Quintal da Solidão, Claudia Villela joins with a Portuguese vocal. On Back to Work, another bossa, Tripp Sprague is featured on soprano saxophone. A love letter to Brazilian music written with jazz ink. … Read More

Jazz Mostly

POSTED ON October 25, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Based in San Diego, jazz pianist-composer Danny Green comfortably embraces Latin and classical touches, drawing them effortlessly into his jazz work. On his second album, A Thousand Ways Home (Tapestry 70018-2), he presents music that is melodically engaging, sprightly, and filled with invention. He is joined here by saxophonist Tripp Sprague, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm, as well as guests mandolinist Eva Scow, guitarists Peter Sprague, Chico Pinehiro and Dusty Brough, and singer Claudia Villela. … Read More

Something Else: A Thousand Ways Home

POSTED ON October 23, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

When jazz pianist Danny Green released his 2009 debut album With You in Mind, he effectively demonstrated his unique blend of jazz, classical, and Brazilian sounds.

The structure common to classical music dominated many of its tracks — his cover of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” thus made perfect sense — but the improvisational nature of jazz still fit into this framework. His sophomore effort, A Thousand Ways Home, finds Green in a looser mood; in other words, he relies less on a structured framework and focuses more on spontaneity, engaging in spirited musical repartee with bandmates. … Read More

The Urban Flux

POSTED ON October 23, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Occasionally when a new artist appears, they come armed with vivid yet unstrained recipe of melodies, creativity and impressive harmonics accompanied by a stellar cast of possibly unfamiliar musicians to expand their imaginative voice. Most recently San Diego native pianist, composer and educator Danny Green was brought to my attention. With his sophomore recordings titled “A THOUSAND WAYS HOME,” he effortlessly pens an appetizing hodgepodge of thirteen thought-provoking originals on Tapestry records. … Read More

BeBop Spoken Here

POSTED ON October 14, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

A gem! San Diego based pianist Green is a new name to me even though his debut album With You in Mind won the San Diego Music Awards for Best Jazz Album. I haven’t heard that album but if it’s half as good as this one it must have walked off with the prize 64 bars ahead of the rest! … Read More

This Is Book’s Music

POSTED ON October 13, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Danny Green‘s latest project, A Thousand Ways Home (Tapestry) combines his love of jazz, classical, and Brazilian music to unite them and show that while assumptions make them sound distant, they can be much closer than you realize. His piano work is what solidifies everything, along with his compositions and arrangements, so when things sound a bit too intense at first, he and his musicians lighten up, only to return to that confrontation at a later time. … Read More

CD Hotlist

POSTED ON October 02, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

I wish I had something stronger than Rick’s Pick with which to recommend this richly engaging and utterly brilliant album. The sophomore effort from pianist and composer Danny Green, it showcases a musical mind of rare sensitivity and rigor–not to mention an unusual creativity when it comes to arrangements. … Read More


POSTED ON September 28, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

Green’s sophomore release will drop on October 16th. A Thousand Ways Home finds Green working in a most unique setting by merging jazz, classical, Brazilian and Latin into a most personal hybrid of expression that no other pianist dare take on. Green is taking an artistic road less traveled in the attempt to find and embrace his own lyrical presence at the piano bench and A Thousand Ways Home should indeed turn some heads. … Read More

Midwest Record

POSTED ON September 28, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

A jazz piano man that loves Latin jazz struts his stuff nicely here. And if you don’t hear the Miles influence in his music transformed from alloy to ivory, you aren’t listening. Simply a cat that knows his stuff and is certainly going places, this set shows that his high water mark debut set was no isolated occurrence. A tasty, dazzling set loaded with quiet fire pyrotechnics that just keeps bringing it and delivering the goods. Wonderful stuff you have to check out. … Read More

San Diego Reader: A Thousand Ways Home

POSTED ON August 10, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

By Robert Bush Pianist, composer Danny Green probably doesn’t get enough credit in a town with Mike Wofford, Joshua White, Anthony Davis, Geoffrey Keezer and Mikan Zlatkovich all in various levels of activity — but one thing’s for sure — this young cat knows how to make a record. Green’s latest effort, “A Thousand Ways … Read More

San Diego Reader: “With You In Mind”

POSTED ON January 24, 2012 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

By Robert Bush San Diego pianist/composer Danny Green released this album in 2009, and it won a SDMA music award that year, but I didn’t get my hands on it until a few weeks ago, after his solid quartet performance at UCSD’s “The Loft.” This is one of those discs that’s hard to remove from … Read More

San Diego Reader

POSTED ON January 12, 2012 | POSTED IN: A Thousand Ways Home

by Robert Bush Add Danny Green to the list of great pianists living and working in San Diego County. Green is a young musician with impeccable chops who has staked out his own personal improvising aesthetic, (heavy on the music of South America), and assembled a top-notch quartet to interpret his conceptions. Green’s quartet played … Read More

San Diego Union Tribune

POSTED ON March 15, 2009 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

by George Varga Equally adept at jazz, classical and various Brazilian styles, Green uses his 11-song album to showcase his passion for borders-leaping genres. But even in its most intricate moments, his music never sacrifices soul for technique or substance for flash. Click here to read the full article … Read More

JazzReview Interview: Danny Green

POSTED ON February 22, 2009 | POSTED IN: Interview, With You In Mind

Artist Interview by: Chuck Vecoli Jazz is the ideal model of genetic evolution. New individuals express similar traits to their ancestors. Why shouldn’t they? After all they are born of the same species, same DNA, same gene pool, but when the traits are blended within every new generation, something truly unique is expressed. There are … Read More

Jazz Weekly

POSTED ON January 27, 2009 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

by George W. Harris San Diego-based pianist Danny Green is a guy you hopefully will be hearing more from. Gifted with a nice warm touch that caresses the keys, he displays an alarming sense of taste and swing on this solo disc that features a set of (mostly) self composed tunes in the Brazilian/Latin vein. … Read More

North Country Times

POSTED ON January 21, 2009 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

by Jim Trageser With a complex musical vision grounded in gorgeous melody, local pianist Danny Green’s new CD shows an artist drawing on modernist threads from Art Tatum to Dave Brubeck to Keith Jarrett while never getting too far out there. … Read More

BlogCritics: With You In Mind

POSTED ON January 19, 2009 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

By Kit O’Toole Southern California jazz pianist Danny Green may be just 27, but his musical training began at the tender age of five.  Through high school, college, and private instruction, Green became well-versed in jazz, classical, and Latin music genres.  Previously he produced and collaborated with the Caballero Verde Quintet on their 2007 release … Read More

The Run-off Groove

POSTED ON December 31, 2008 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

Danny Green is a San Diego-based pianist whose love of Latin sounds has been an important part of his development. Some may be aware of the Past Due album by the Caballero-Verde Quintet, with Green of course being the “Verde” of the equasion. Now he’s about to get more caliente (yes, I’ll stop) with the … Read More

Review Point: With You In Mind

POSTED ON December 28, 2008 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

Award winning pianist, Danny Green, has definitely hit green with his new album With You In Mind from the very first song Doctor Pasta, Danny shows his signature multi-cultural flavorings. The Brazilian/Island flare dances well with a typical taste of mainstream jazz. Panic Nap soon follows with a sexy, guttural bass beat backing the familiar … Read More

EJazzNews: With You In Mind

POSTED ON October 27, 2008 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

By: Edward Blanco Danny Green is a pianist and composer from San Diego who makes an impressive debut with this first album blending Brazilian and Latin jazz elements with a taste of mainstream and classical nuances to forge one heck of a recording. Except for Danilo Perez’s “Suite For The Americas,” a tune containing strong … Read More

Midwest Record: With You In Mind

POSTED ON October 24, 2008 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

Green is a piano man that fuses jazz with vacation vibes and stirs up his own gumbo along the way. Easy, slinky fun listening, this isn’t serious jazz for moldy figs, it’s play time music when the vibe has to be light and joyful. With a special talent for letting the good times roll, this … Read More

Jazz Review: With You In Mind

POSTED ON October 20, 2008 | POSTED IN: With You In Mind

by Susan Frances Pianist Danny Green shows flexibility in his playing and expansive knowledge of jazz music’s artifacts as demonstrated by the compositions on his debut solo CD, With You In Mind. Produced by Green and with all compositions written by Green except for Danilo Perez’s tune “Suite For The Americas,” the numbers vary from … Read More

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