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By Tony Zambito

The Danny Green Trio arrived in Buffalo last night, Thursday, June 14, to give one of the outstanding performances you will ever hear in terms of chamber-jazz.  The lyrical and melodic original compositions performed were nothing short of a tour-de-force.  Danny Green is one of the most innovative pianists emerging on the national jazz scene today.  Along with the outstanding Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, the audience at Pausa Art House was treated to world-class jazz par excellence.

Green and the trio opened with the intoxicating beauty of the opening number on their latest One Day It Will highly-acclaimed CD, Time LapseTo Fall.  An impressive composition arranged to accentuate the melodic structure of the song.  The song lives on in your head – as did Green’s playing on the piano – and one you will be playing in your head over and over.  Here is the trio performing this tune from a concert last year:

The majority of the compositions performed were from the One Day It Will CD.  A project where Green’s musical compositions were set to strings also.  Hence, the chamber-style jazz that is prolific.  However, Grinnell and Cantelm brought superb energy to the tunes.

The concert is part of the new JazzBuffalo Road Series Concerts, in collaboration with Pausa Art House, designed to bring nationally touring jazz artists to Buffalo.  If this first concert is a barometer of sorts, the Danny Green Trio set the bar fairly high.  World-class jazz at its best.

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