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by Robert Bush

The Danny Green Trio opened the show with intricate and highly arranged original music, and, if you like Chick Corea, Mr. Green’s aesthetic is sure to please. Melodic cascades are a Green trademark, and on the opening tune, “6:00 A.M,” the precise interplay between Justin Grinnell’s percolating electric bass lines and Julien Cantelm’s soft percussion dovetailed tightly with the leader’s melodically driven improvisations. “Two Ways About It” leaned heavily on Cantelm’s always-tasteful forward motion and a harmonic structure that reminded me of Bobby Hebb’s classic, “Sunny.”

Green pulled out some Vince Guaraldi tricks on “Song for Hailey,” a supersweet ballad, but for me, the high point of the set came on “Softly As in a Morning Sunrise,” which swung and seemed more passionate than the other material.

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