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By George Harris

Pianist Danny Green’s trio has been a solid team, backing up artists such as vocalist Roberta Donnay. Here, Green shows his composing and arranging skills match his tactile talents with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr as his pieces such as “Serious Fun” and “October Ballad” show a range from Crescent City stomps to late night candelabra. Cantelm and Grinnell form an attractive restlessness underneath the lyrical ivories on “The Merge” and the nifty “I Used To Hate The Blues.” Most intriguing is Green’s adroit addition of a string quartet  for a trio of tunes. “Second Chance” has the piano and strings yearn and sigh, while Anja Wood’s cello delivers longing long tones on “Katabasis.”  Rich harmonies highlight “Porcupine Dreams” creating a swirl of delight, while everyone drops out for Green to show his wares on the lyrical “Benji’s Song.” Highly rewarding and thoughtful-he’s coming to LA at the end of the month at the Blue Whale; check it out!

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