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On this fourth album from Danny Green, the music is lighthearted and playful throughout adding a glimmer of sunshine to the listener’s life. 

This album is not simply a celebration of jazz music but also music of the classical genre, which delicately flows through all of the songs on the record.

Danny Green, Justin Grinnell and Julien Cantelm have managed to create a lighthearted collection of songs that is consistent in the quality of the performances and the music itself.

Altered Narratives gets off to a positive start with ‘Chatter on All Sides’ – a wonderful piece of music that is bright and sums up what the album is going to be about perfectly as well as having the ability to put a smile on the face of the listener from the very first note.

There is plenty of evidence of the album’s excitable energy such as on ‘The Merge’ and ‘Katabasis’ but at the same time controlled enough to ensure that the music never loses its way.

Yet that isn’t to say that Altered Narratives doesn’t have a more emotional depth about it either. ‘October Ballad’ and ‘Benji’s Song’ both ensure that there is a completely different side to the album as well, with performances that are enjoyable to listen to.  Both songs along with  ‘Second Chance’ offer an understated and elegant side to the album.

But for the most part, the record is upbeat and energetic that has plenty of ideas but never goes over the top. It has a great balance about it that showcases the talents of all the musicians involved.

Altered Narratives proves that combining elements of jazz with classical music can work extremely well, showing that both genres can have more in common than perhaps many people would presume.

Overall, it is a beautifully constructed album with plenty of emotion to really engage listeners from beginning to end.

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