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By Brett Campbell

[UNSTRUNG JAZZ] San Diego pianist Danny Green’s musical journey started with childhood exposure to Nirvana, then Buena Vista Social Club, which led him to Cuban son, then salsa, then a fling with Brazilian music, before studying jazz and classical piano in college. Is it any wonder his original compositions seem to embrace so many elements? Yet his albums with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm still sound cohesive, with concise melodies, restraint on pedaling that lends extra clarity, upbeat tempos and catchy hooks. Nor has his exploration abated—encountering orchestral albums by jazz piano masters Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans inspired him to arrange some of his new trio music for added string players, which led to his newly released fifth album, One Day it Will, that paired his trio with string quartet to splendid effect. Those arrangements, in turn, led him to rewrite much of the trio music in light of adding strings. So even though he’s touring with just his longterm trio, the music should display his continuing evolution.

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