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By Rick Anderson

Rick’s Pick

The band here operating under the name LP and the Vinyl is actually the Danny Green Trio (whose praises I’ve sung here in CD HotList on multiple occasions), with the addition of singer Leonard Patton. Their debut album as a quartet is anything but a typical vocal jazz outing; while there are some standards (“Softly, As a Morning Sunrise”; “My One and Only Love”) the program consists mainly of re-imaginings of pop material: songs by Oasis, David Bowie, the Beatles, Tears for Fears, etc. Wisely, Green and crew don’t try to force these songs into a standard jazz structure, but instead let their arrangements be guided by the songs themselves, creating new musical hybrids that end up sounding like acoustic R&B as much as jazz, drawing the best elements from all available stylistic sources. The result sounds both comfortingly familiar and brand new–which is a pretty remarkable accomplishment, when you think about it. For all libraries.

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