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By George W. Harris

Pianist Danny Green leads a lyrical and melodic trio with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr through some well conceived originals on this latest session. He’s got a strong left hand, and uses it as a counter melody or a power forward in rhythm on pieces like the bopping “Two Ways About It” and “I Got Kite.” His lyricism on “Another One For You” and “End of the Block” has a joyful touch, and he passes out the responsibilities well, with Grinnell’s bass providing  some impressive teamwork on the complex “March of the Gouls” and Cantelm driving the band like a Wagon Train on “Thirty Springrolls Please.” They make the complex seem easy and swingable and don’t get bogged down when the streets intersect. Impressive trio here. Get them to LA!

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