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By Jonathan Frahm

When jazz enthusiasts think of pianist Danny Green, it’s hard not to first skitter on by the brilliance of his trio’s 2014 effort After the Calm. Sustaining a sunny, jaunty collection of top-notch playing married by a robust, coherent overall mood throughout, the Danny Green Trio could say that the album marked their first claim to fame within the realm of instrumental jazz. This is especially true considering the idea that these three men were playing like they owned each composition brought to the table, as it were written by one of them in Green. What the trio manages to do in Altered Narratives that it couldn’t do in After the Calm, however, is prove that lightning can in fact strike twice.

Once again joined by bassist Justin Grinnell and percussionist Julien Cantelm, Green and his troupe once again muster what sounds like a classic collection of piano jazz standards in their performances of Green’s own creations. Green himself showcases even more instrumental might behind his fingers, playing with an amalgamated love for intrigue, amusement, and reverie without missing a step between the two brilliant musicians that have joined him once more to bring that much more life to his proceedings than could have been achieved purely on his own. Altered Narratives is a great jazz record, on the overall, and it is exciting just thinking of where the trio may take us next.

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