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Award winning pianist, Danny Green, has definitely hit green with his new album With You In Mind from the very first song Doctor Pasta, Danny shows his signature multi-cultural flavorings. The Brazilian/Island flare dances well with a typical taste of mainstream jazz.

Panic Nap soon follows with a sexy, guttural bass beat backing the familiar sound of his Melodica. a native of SoCal, Danny’s love of world music rhythms transcend the usual West Coast feel. As I sat there and listened, I could feel a rush of enjoyment at the diversity of sounds.

“Danny Green is an emerging young jazz artist who has a pulse on keeping the tradition of jazz piano alive while stepping boldly into the future through the use of cultural sounds and world music rhythms. His musical sound comes across to listeners as a pianistic mixture of Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Danilo Perez, and Ravel with original compositions emerging from the sincerity of his soul.”

Balao Pra Voce has an almost Scott Joplin gone South twist, one of my favorites on the disc, it really showcases his classical and traditional training as well as his interpretive skills of Brazilian style and substance he learned at the CA Brazil Camp in 2006.

Songs like Off The Streets, and the title track With You In Mind, are grounded in that very sensual, sultry, speakeasy jazz sound that has had me listening and loving this genre for years. I can almost picture a perfect piano duet and vocal cameo with Diana Krall, wow…what a thought!

Since beginning his studies at age five, Danny has obviously bloomed under the influences and training of such masters as Rick Helzer, Kamau Kenyatta, Otmara Ruiz, Marcos Silva and Jovino Santos-Neto. Classical studies with the likes of John Mark Harris and Luciane Cardassi are more than evident, and greatly appreciated in Lullaby For A Poet.

Gigi, The Last Minute, and Suite For The Americas are the wonderful toe tapping real thing that makes a sound like jazz transcend into so many different musical sounds across the board, overall…not a bad track in sight on this disc. Danny’s sound is still in the making, yet this debut album from this brilliant young artist is yet a tease of what is sure to come in the future. A definite hit on the new ‘Jazz Parade’, enjoy this one folks, I am.

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