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by Brent Black

There are hundreds of fine piano trios that dot the landscape across the country, most are not memorable and have the staying power of chewing gum. The Danny Green Trio continues to show exponential growth and Green is a talent that is as technically gifted as he is artistically brilliant.
Ah the piano trio, improvisation’s musical answer to “Where’s Waldo?” Granted when one has literature that runs from Bud Powell to Bill Evans and even Keith Jarrett then there is a wide harmonic lexicon from which to work. Danny Green’s trio would seem to be content to do their own thing which is working without a lyrical net while exploring a myriad of melodic possibilities.
What makes the Danny Green Trio special is that After The Calm is far more than some pretty tunes or a leader and two after thoughts. After The Calm might best be described as a melodic conversation between three artists that each bringing a little something special to the table. A musical journey without pretense or contrived notions of how they should sound. A natural and incredible organic extension of self allows a variety in their own lyrical sense of purpose.
Green’s compositions are all originals. Odd meter, shifting dynamics and straight ahead bliss showcase an artist that seems to relish his own discoveries as do the trio. As previously mentioned there are probably as many piano trios as there are Starbucks but very few this good. There are originals that will touch your heart and some that will set your hair on fire…Some will do both and very few artists have that touch.

5/5 Stars

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