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by Bart Mendoza

10 jazz originals from pianist Danny Green accompanied by his compatriots, bassist Justin Grinell and drummer Julien Cantelm. This is no mere frontman with backing situation here, the three work as one, driving the songs, moving together as they enhance the composition. Ever see a flock of birds fly and swirl through the air in unison? Like that.

The album has different moods, the melancholy lament of the appropriately named “In a Dreamy State.” the jaunty, almost pop number, “Two Ways About It,” a Latin- flavored tune, “Chro Pra Corrente,” and the moody title track, which features my favorite moment on the album, in the tempo and atmospheric shift at 4:00.

While Green’s playing is brilliant, both lyrical and expressive, it’s the mix of performances for all three players that makes this album such a wonderful listen. All three are virtuoso players, you could really pick any song as a showcase for their talents. Grinell has standout performances throughout the album, but the closing track, “I Got Kite” has some particularly tasty licks and playful lines

My favorite track is probably “March of the Ghouls,” which has a hip, early-sixties cocktail jazz vibe, the sort of tune you might hear in the background of a bar scene in a vintage Twilight Zone episode. Yes, that good. Also nice is “Song For Hailey,” Cantelm’s wonderfull brush work accenting the bittersweet sentiment in Green’s playing.

Unconditionally recommended to anyone who appreciates good jazz, instrumental music or soundtracks.

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