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Interview by Scott Wolf

Endeavoring to bring you something new and outside of the usual guitar spectrum, please allow me to introduce you to Latin jazz pianist Danny Green. We spent some time discussing his latest album, A Thousand Ways Home, a collection of tunes that shows Danny’s special synthesis of jazz, classical, and various Latin styles of piano playing.

In talking about some of my favorites on the album, we ended up talking about Danny’s compositional process, which is fascinating blend of inspiration and reason. You will also hear the amazingly varied path his piece “Quintal da Solidão” took on its way to becoming a fully realized work, a path that spanned several studios and several countries!

It is always interesting to hear musicians speak about creating a career in music, especially in times when that environment is not particularly benevolent towards us, and Danny had some interesting views on that subject. We also get to learn a bit about some Brazilian styles you might not have heard of and about one of the most prevalent structures in pop music. And for you diehard plucked stringers out there, you’ll also hear some excellent playing on mandolin from Eva Scow, and guitar from Chico Pinheiro and Dusty Brough.

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