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By Frank Huser

(Originally written in Dutch) After The Calm is the third album by pianist Danny Green. His first two releases were recorded with a combo. This album is a trio with Justin Grinell on electric bass and double bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, musicians Green also accompanied on the other recordings. Danny Green Trio is typical of contemporary piano trio jazz. Smooth compositions, strong grooves, touch of Latin, changing rhythms, played tight and lively. On After The Calm we hear ten original compositions written by Green, most of them in tempo. Strikingly, Green’s strong left hand bass lines with pointed and massive chords light omspeeld are sparkling playing right. He thus creates a broad sound and an ambience that feels orchestral. Grinnell and Cantelm on bass and drums have a beautiful light play. ‘Less is More’ the adage seems to them and grabs attractive. It is clearly audible that these three all together menspelen longer together. After The Calm is an appealing album, a fine example of contemporary jazz piano.

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