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by George W. Harris

Pianist Danny Green leads a trio with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr that explores the sounds, rhythms and grooves of Brazilian music. He’s got a confident yet not cocky sound of his own; on most of the pieces saxist Tripp Sprague joins in, most effectively on the dramatically thoughtful “Tranquil Days” and the fanciful “Nighttime Disturbances.” There are a handful of  tracks that include some bouncing mandolin magic by Eva Scow which livens up “Unwind” and “Dusty Road” and Chico Pinheiro’s guitar melds with Claudia Villela’s voice to make “Quintal da Solidao a buoyant delight. Lots of energy is exuded in this celebratory collection. Fun to take in!

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