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A Thousand Ways Home, the virtuosic 2nd CD from pianist/composer Danny Green, was released October 16, 2012 on the Tapestry label.  As on his debut recording With You In Mind, Green’s compositions incorporate Brazilian and Latin as well as jazz and classical influences.  In Green’s words, “To me, A Thousand Ways Home is about taking various elements from each of these genres and blending them together in my own way.”


  1. A Thousand Ways Home
  2. Unwind
  3. Under Night’s Cover
  4. Quintal da Solidão
  5. Nighttime Disturbances
  6. Over Too Soon
  7. Soggy Shoes
  8. Flight of the Stumble Bee
  9. Tranquil Days
  10. Back to Work
  11. Dusty Road, Pt. 1
  12. Dusty Road, Pt. 2
  13. Running Out of Time


Danny Green – Piano
Justin Grinnell – Bass
Julien Cantelm – Drums
Tripp Sprague – Soprano and Tenor Saxophones

Special Guests:
Chico Pinheiro – Guitar
Eva Scow – Mandolin
Peter Sprague – Guitar
Claudia Villela – Vocals
Dusty Brough – Guitar


  1. Unwind
  2. Quintal da Solidao
  3. Nighttime Disturbances

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